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Kelsa enjoys playing and running role playing games, both on-line and in meatspace. She's been playing D&D on and off for more than 20 years, and GMing various RPGs for at least 15.



Kelsa is currently living in central California with her roller-derby playing fiancee AmazonBlazin, and their three cats. When not playing or running role playing games she also plays table top board games, and paints miniatures. Kelsa also enjoys reading sci-fi, high fantasy, steam punk, and urban fantasy novels; the love of which often flavors her characters and games. Other hobbies include preforming live theater with multiple troupes of local improvisers as well as occasional sketch comedy.

Growing up playing D&D with her family, Kelsa only recently discovered how wide a range of roleplaying games there really are in the last few years. Flexing her creative muscles, Kelsa has been branching out, adding more and more various game systems and non-traditional story games to her repertoire.

When she discovered the joys of streaming and recording her gaming sessions, it was immediately obvious to her that this was the best way for her to combine all her hobbies, and so started streaming as well.

Featured Games & Editions

Dresden Files RPG

Live Schedule

Title Shadows of Seattle
Game System Dresden Files RPG
Time 9am PT

Sunday streams vary - follow Kelsa on Twitter for up-to-date information.

Appearances on Other Channels

Once Upon a Game from EricVulgaris
Dresden Files from GoldenH
ShadowRun from SileoNeco

Drypocalypse from SileoNeco

Show Descriptions & VODs

Shadows of Seattle

Shadows of Seattle is a urban fantasy game set in Seattle using the Dresden Files RPG system. Two shape-shifters, a paladin/lawyer, and a luckless sharp shooter, are trying to make their way in a world that is weirder than they originally thought.

Show Title Cast

Kelsa as "Game Master"
Mike aka vansau as "Kelly"
Shannon as "Alexi"
Monique as "Jane"

Seth as "Rook"

Character Sheet

Dresden Files RPG by Brian Shields