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Roll20 UI Icons

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The font families used for many of the Roll20 icons are Pictos, Pictos Custom, and dicefontd4 through dicefontd20. Check the Icon Fonts section on the CSS Wizardry page for a full list of symbols for the fonts.

  • Sidebar
    • q / q<span style="font-family:Pictos;">q</span> Text Chat tab
    • P / P <span style="font-family:Pictos;">P</span> Art Library tab
    • N / N <span style="font-family:Pictos;">N</span> Journal tab
    • i / i <span style="font-family:Pictos;">i</span> Compendium tab
    • u / u <span style="font-family:Pictos Custom;">u</span> Jukebox tab
    • l / l <span style="font-family:Pictos;">l</span> Collections tab
    • y / y <span style="font-family:Pictos;">y</span> My Settings tab
  • Toolbox
    • w <span style="font-family:Pictos Custom;">w</span> Select and Pan Tool
      • Hand.png [[File:Hand.png|middle|15px]] Pan mode
    • b <span style="font-family:Pictos;">b</span> Layers
      • @ <span style="font-family:Pictos;">@</span> Map & Background layer
      • b <span style="font-family:Pictos;">b</span> Objects & Tokens layer
      • E <span style="font-family:Pictos;">E</span> GM Info Overlay layer
      • r <span style="font-family:Pictos Custom;">r</span> Dynamic Lighting layer
    • i <span style="font-family:Pictos Custom;">i</span> Drawing Tools
      • a <span style="font-family:Pictos Custom;">a</span> Draw Shapes tool
      • c <span style="font-family:Pictos Three;">c</span> Polygon/Line Tool
      • q <span style="font-family:Pictos Custom;">q</span>Text Tool
      • # <span style="font-family:Pictos;">#</span> Clear Drawings tool
    • e <span style="font-family:Pictos;">e</span> FX Tool
    • s <span style="font-family:Pictos;">s</span> Zoom Tool
    • Ruler.png [[File:Ruler.png|middle|15px]] Ruler Tool
    • Place-light-torch-icon.png {{torch}} or [[File:Place-light-torch-icon.png|middle|18px]] Place Light Tool
    • C <span style="font-family:Pictos;">C</span> Fog of War
      • E <span style="font-family:Pictos;">E</span> Reveal
      • c <span style="font-family:Pictos Three;">c</span> Polygon Reveal
      • C <span style="font-family:Pictos;">C</span> Hide Areas
      • # <span style="font-family:Pictos;">#</span> Reset Fog
    • Udl-hide-icon.jpg [[File:Udl-hide-icon.jpg|middle|15px]] Darkness Tool
      • Udl-reveal-icon.jpg [[File:Udl-reveal-icon.jpg|middle|15px]] Reveal
      • Udl-perm darkness-icon.jpg [[File:Udl-perm_darkness-icon.jpg|middle|15px]] Permanent Darkness
      • Udl-explorer-icon.jpg [[File:Udl-explorer-icon.jpg|middle|15px]] Explorable Darkness
      • Udl-polygon-icon.jpg [[File:Udl-polygon-icon.jpg|middle|15px]] Polygon
      • Udl-rectangle-icon.jpg [[File:Udl-rectangle-icon.jpg|middle|15px]] Rectangle
    • t <span style="font-family:Pictos;">t</span> Turn Tracker
    • t <big><span style="font-family:dicefontd20;">t</span></big> Dice Rolling GUI
    • ? <span style="font-family:Pictos;">?</span> Help Tool

Character Sheet

  • & / & <span style="font-family:Pictos;">&</span> Add, Repeating Section
  • ( / ( <span style="font-family:Pictos;">(</span>/{{Lock}} Lock, repeating section
  • ) / ) <span style="font-family:Pictos;">)</span>/{{Unlock}} Unlock, repeating section
  • / '''<big>≡</big>''' Reorder symbol, repeating section.
  • w / w <span style="font-family:Pictos;">w</span>/{{Bubble}} Send to chat
  • y / y <span style="font-family:Pictos;">y</span>/{{Gear}} Settings, gear icon
  • x / x <span style="font-family:Pictos;">x</span>/{{hammer}} or {{wrench}} Alternative Settings icon.
  • Charmancer-logo.png Charactermancer logo


  • {{button|{{3dots}}|white}} - Token Settings -Player Permission menu
  • o {{folder}} - like oAdd-button
  • UI buttons: y, +, -, #, z, s, z, |
  • Delete, Apply Changes, cUpload, Save Settings, +Add


  • t <span style="font-family:dicefontd20;">t</span> d20
  • d <span style="font-family:dicefontd4;">d</span> d4
  • f <span style="font-family:dicefontd6;">f</span> d6
  • h <span style="font-family:dicefontd8;">h</span> d8
  • j <span style="font-family:dicefontd10;">j</span> d10
  • l <span style="font-family:dicefontd12;">l</span> d12