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Token Lock

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Token Lock beta showcase(Feb 2022)
Main Page: Token Features

GMs can lock a token in place on any Virtual Tabletop b Layers.

Token Locking from the menu, while using Dark Mode (March 2022)


  • TokenMod supports this from version 0.8.74
    • ex. !token-mod --flip lockMovement (flips the lock-status of selected tokens, so unlocked tokens get locked, and locked tokens can move again)

There are two API that can kinda achieves a token lock(created before Token Lock was released as a feature), but neither does truly stop tokens from being moved, but rather resets their position after moving, so if Dynamic Lighting is active, neither API prevents users from revealing a bit more than wanted.

Other workarounds that are less practical
Another option is boxing in Tokens with Windows (Dynamic Lighting), using Script:DoorKnocker or UDLWindows(Forum). This will prevent token movement by players if "Restrict Movement" is turned on.
  • Creating the window boxes around a token isn't quick, so not practical to lock a player's token who is currently moving around.
  • the windows would also block other tokens from moving through the square

For GMs who want to prevent players from moving too far on the map on their own out-of-turn, they could segment the map into "sections", by placing Windows blocking movement further in, while not blocking sight. Could be used for starting a cut-scene, and stopping players from accidentally revealing too much of what's further in.