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Character Sheet Development/Print-Friendly

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Character Sheet where In Dec. 2022 roll20 made an update that made it easier to design sheets as print-friendly, and Rolled out the feature for the D&D 5E by Roll20-sheet.

Print-Friendly Sheets

See the Making Your Character Sheet Print Friendly article on the Official Help Center.

They made available examples from the D&D 5E that can help:

You essentially need to make CSS changes to the sheet, and then in sheet.json add "printable": true.

Older tips

The CSS sanitation upgrade makes it now possible to use @media print CSS media query to style character sheets for printing from the popout window- – Original suggestion thread(Forum)

It can be a good idea to take a look at any existing paper versions of the char sheet for your system and maybe create a compromise layout that's somewhere between the default Roll20 sheet and the paper version, for familiarity's sake.

List of things that can make sheets printer - friendly:

  • remove all "redundant" images, except logo. (minimize ink use)
  • remove roll buttons
  • force sheet aspect ratio to fit A4
  • set background to white, change text & section borders to be thin and high contrast, with as much being white
  • collapsed info boxes/repeating sections
    • expand all collapsed info sections
    • make print option to show some repeating sections in a "condensed form", such as spellists or inventory, showing each as a one-liner and skipping their detailed description
    • make option to have spell/powers/items appear at separate pages with all their info, like in the form of spellcards.
  • multi-tab sheets
    • if contains mutually excursive sheet-types (like PC/NPC/ships), show only content of the one used
    • skip the Settings tab
  • control number of pages
  • adjust things so sheet info could fit on one or two pages(for a single-sheet printout), or make it a multiple of two.
  • spread out things evenly so there isn't any page with just a tiny bit info
  • advanced idea: create an optional "condensed" print version where all stats are shown as compactly as possible, maybe even on a single page. This "condensed print mode" could be toggled from the settings.

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