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Main Page: Help:Contents

If an article mentions things that have a wiki page, it's useful to link to that page the first time it's mentioned. For example, there exists several Star Wars RPGs and some of them have guides on the wiki. Sometimes links outside the wiki is also useful.

With some link templates, urls that contains = may result in broken links, unless you specify that it's the 1st parameter which is used. Templates - Anonymous parameters


{{twitter|1=roll20app/status/1354617919653752832?s=20 tweet}}
instead of {{twitter|roll20app/status/1354617919653752832?s=20 tweet}}

You may also replace the = with = in the url, to keep a link from breaking.



How to link to other pages on the Roll20 Community Wiki.


Simple link to Journal wiki page:


Link to the wiki's front page, with a custom link name.

[[Main_Page|front page]]

Link a subsection of an article.

For example you might need to mentioning there are limits to compendium sharing. You can find the exact name of an sub-section, by copying the link from the ToC.

[[Compendium_Sharing#What_are_the_Limitations_of_Compendium_Sharing.3F|limits to compendium sharing]]

Main Article

Shortcut to make a link to another article, and indicate it to be the main article on the subject.

Main Page: Journal


Wiki Meta

Link to a Category page. It can be useful to link to a category page, such as all user-created Category:Tips. You need to place a : in front of the page name, like:


Link to a wiki template: {{forum}} - {{tlx|forum}}

Roll20 links

Here are a few templates that makes linking to other parts of the roll20 site better, and make it clear to what part the links lead(Forum, Blog, Marketplace, etc.)

User Profile

You can link directly to a Roll20 user's profile from the wiki, instead of typing the full url. The second method doesn't show the symbol for the link going outside Roll20.

[ Roll20 Dev Team]
{{user profile|4|Roll20 Dev Team}}


Documentation: {{forum}}, {{fpl}}

A template that can be used to link to Roll20 forum post, showing the roll20 logo, and indicating it's a link to the forum.

Example: Roll20 Community Code of Conduct(Forum)

{{forum|post/125912/roll20-community-code-of-conduct Roll20 Community Code of Conduct}}

The url placed in the forum-template is everything after, which the templates will ad automatically.

Compare 5E Bug thread(Forum) and 5E Bug thread

Compare {{forum|post/8033570/d-and-d-5th-edition-by-roll20-q1y2020 5E Bug thread}} and [ 5E Bug thread]

The more compact {{fpl}} only requires the permalink number to a forum reply/thread, so individual comments can also be linked to:

Roll20 Dev reply(Forum)

{{fpl|10245813/ Roll20 Dev reply}}


Documentation: {{blogs}}, {{blog}}

Link to Roll20 blog posts. You discard the part of the url.

If the blog post url contains /posts/ in the url, use {{blogs}}; if it has /post/, use {{blog}}

Lost Mine of Phandelver: Roll20 Q & A(Blog) Updated DL version 1.0 is live(Blog)

{{blogs|lost-mine-of-phandelver-roll20-q-a/ Lost Mine of Phandelver: Roll20 Q & A}}
{{blog|640321601818198016/updated-dynamic-lighting-10-is-live Updated DL version 1.0 is live}}

Help Center

It's often a good idea to link to the Official Roll20 Help Center page.

Getting Started

{{hc|categories/360003756533-Getting-Started Getting Started}}

Documentation: {{hc}}, {{HCbox}}


Roll20 Marketplace(Market)
Free Spacer - Ptolemy Sector Archive(Market)

{{market| Roll20 Marketplace}}<br>
{{market|browse/module/7363/free-spacer-ptolemy-sector-archive Free Spacer - Ptolemy Sector Archive}}

Documentation: {{market}}

External Link

If you want to link to a page outside the wiki, you need to use single brackets. An icon (like this) appear after these links by default.

  • any links leading to other parts of roll20 will show a roll20 logo
  • for a number of sites like youtube, github, wikipedia (and more), instead shows that site's logo.
  • below is a number of templates to simplify/shorten some urls for commonly referenced sites

Example: Roll20 Blog

[ Roll20 Blog]

There are a few sites that have custom links that can make it easy to see where they lead, and using them looks better than the normal single bracket method.


A template you can use to link to code or other things that are on GitHub. It will also show a small Github icon after the link to show where it leads.

Documentation: {{repo}}, {{gist}}, {{sheet-gh}}, {{api-gh}}


Roll20's Character Sheet Repository,

{{repo|Roll20/roll20-character-sheets  Roll20's Character Sheet Repository}}

The url placed in the forum-template is everything after, which the templates will add automatically.


code snippet by GiGs

{{gist|G-G-G/52b96cff0b827c42f9d04ab411fb42e8 code snippet}} by GiGs


Documentation: {{yt}}, {{}}, {{yt.playlist}}


Rolling DiceRoll20 Tutorials

{{|xKXpKIiB5WM Rolling Dice}}
{{yt.playlist|PLTj75n3v9eTljjooh-nIr_LFAeHatTeI4 Roll20 Tutorials}} 


Wikipedia link: HTML or Computer Accessibility (a11y) Wikipedia-Black-W.png to have logo.

[[wikipedia:HTML|HTML]] or {{wiki|Computer_accessibility|Computer Accessibility (a11y)}}


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