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Help:Get Started

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Main Page: Help:Contents

Roll20 Community Wiki

The Roll20 Wiki is written using the Wikitext markup language, the same one used on Wikipedia and Fandom Wikis, but you can also use HTML & CSS.

The Roll20 Wiki runs on a somewhat older version of MediaWiki, so some newer features used on other wikis aren't available here.


Wiki Purpose & Suggestions on what to add

Some ideas on what is a good fit for the Roll20 Community Wiki:

  1. Content that the entire community will find useful. Guides, Tips & tricks for variety of Roll20-related features, suggestions on how to implement certain elements in a game, pages with resources and links to relevant forum posts, pages on other sites, or video tutorials.
  2. Guides & tips on playing specific games/rule systems on Roll20. Pages like Star Wars D6, World of Darkness & Pathfinder contains various tips on how to play the games, and can serve as a hub for related pages.
  3. Info & tips on how to use a specific character sheet. Roll20 have hundreds of community-contributed sheets & a handful of official sheets, of which only few have any extra info on how to use them, and all works slightly differently. All Official Character Sheets don't have documentation pages on the Help Center, and even when they do, the page might lack some info, so creating/updating the Community Wiki's version of the page could be a good idea. Sometimes even creating a short wiki page addressing a common issue with a sheet will make it easier for other to figure it out.
  4. If the Official Help Center is lacking Documentation for some feature, is confusing or too short, have errors, it can be a good idea to update the Community Wiki's page for the same topic. If a page for it doesn't exist, one can be created, and featuring the clarification to the feature, along with a link to the Help Center article. You could also copy the full article to the wiki, and then expand/edit it to your liking.
  5. Linking great forum posts on pages related to a topic/feature. If good advice on a topic exist on a number of forum threads, it can be enough to just create a new wiki page for the topic and give a list of links to the threads, instead of writing a full-blown article on it. Having a wiki page for a topic makes the info more accessible/findable, even if it just links to a couple of forum posts. Invisible Tokens started that way.

Create New Page

To create a new page, you can either: 1. go directly to the url for the page you want to create, and you'll be shown a "this page doesn't exist" message. In the the top menu there is a "create" option, which you select. (e.g. go to and you can create it. 2. use the Search option and search for the exact name of the page you want to create, and press Enter. It now show you a search result of the term, and says Create the page "name-of-your-search" on this wiki! with a red link if there is no existing page with that name, which will lead you to create that page, as it doesn't exist yet.

Check Category:Page Templates for some examples so you don't have to start from scratch when making a new page.


Try give pages a descriptive,, so the page is more likely to be found on a wiki search. Afterwards, you can create redirects to the page

  • Example: 5E( is the page displaying info related to D&D 5E, the most popular game on the platform, so makes sense to have a short and simple url.
  • Example 2: Complete Guide to Macros & Rolls( Is a accurate and descriptive title for a guide. The page have a couple redirects, like Macro Guide, which make finding it easier even with alternative spellings, without confusing it with the Macros or How to Roll Dice-pages


About: redirect pages

Example: 5ESheet redirects to D&D 5E by Roll20, Link Token redirects to Linking Tokens to Journals

Create the new page, and add #REDIRECT [[name of the page it should link to]], then save it. Now the new page redirect to the page you wanted.


A wiki page with only#REDIRECT [[Help:Contents]] would redirect to this page you're reading.

Updating/Expanding the Wiki

Few thing to consider:

  1. Add images/gifs if possible. By default, wiki users don't have image upload access, but you can Contact Roll20, say you want to be mentioning your user ID, and why you want image upload access. More details: Help:Contents#Upload_Image
  2. If you are aware of an undocumented feature/quirk of Roll20, it's smart to mention it on the relevant page.
  3. After creating a new page, it's a good idea to add links to it on existing wiki pages where it's relevant. If there are no links or mentions of a new page, it's less likely to be found.
  4. Link to external resources. If there exists a great forum post, blog, or other site with relevant info, it's best to provide link to the original source, if you copy the content to the wiki.
  5. If a page starts to become very large, it might be a smart to split self-contained sections into their own pages. Then link to the new page on the original section & reduce the text to a summary of what the new page contains. Alternatively, you could use a Collapsible Section to hide a larger chunk by default. In some cases, transclusion could be a good idea
  6. The Category:Roll20-category is mean for core Roll20 aspects or features, and new pages should likely be categorized by some of it's sub-categories. Category:Guides, Category:Games and Category:Tips categories are great categories for most new pages. See Help:Contents#Categories for more info on existing categories.

Upload Image

By default, users can't upload images to the wiki. If cant access the Upload file-page(found in the sidebar) and you want to be able to upload images, either message Andreas J., or Contact Roll20 and ask for them to upgraded you Roll20 account's wiki permissions so you can upload images.

When your wiki account have been promoted to Contributor, see the Images-section for how to use and upload images & gifs on the Community Wiki.

Please don't

  1. Don't use the wiki for saving info on your specific campaigns.
  2. Don't use the wiki pages to lobby for changes to Roll20(doesn't have much reach anyway). Instead post to the Official Suggestions Forum(Forum) or vote/comment on existing suggestions. Wiki Talk pages are intended for discussion wiki changes.
  3. Don't use the wiki to ask questions about how Roll20 works. The Forums(Forum) are the right place for that. Basically nobody notices random new wiki pages, nor if there are any talk pages, so it's pointless anyway.