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Pro is the highest subscription tier for Roll20, that gives you access to all Roll20 Features. Some features are exclusive to Pro tier, while other features are upgraded from the Plus tier. The Pro-tier of subscription used to be called Mentor in the early days of Roll20.

See the Subscription level Comparison & FAQ for a full list of the subscription tiers, their perks, and Frequently Asked questions. See also the pages for Plus and Free users.

Plus Features

Plus Features(that are upgraded with Pro)

  • 6 GB storage
  • Compendium Sharing 5 games / 15 players
  • Looking For Group listings - Highlighted
  • Shared Table Features The featues such as Dynamic Lighting or APIs are avaiable to all players in games you've created.

Pro-Exclusive Features

  • API Scripts - Powerful scripts that can enhance your game in a variety of ways. Use & install existing ones, r create your own.
  • Transmogrifier - Move any content between your games easily
  • Reserve - A monthly marketplace product to claim each month to your account, that will remain permanently for you, even if you temporally suspend your subscription.
  • Dev Server - Access to test some upcoming feature before they are fully released to Roll20
  • Custom Character Sheets - able to use & create custom character sheet sin your campaign, as well as access to the Sheet Sandbox tool for easier Sheet Testing
  • Rollback - You can roll back changes in your campaign up to 7 days into the past. Useful if you made a mistake and need to change it back. Roll20 makes one Save for each day, so you have 7 options to roll back to at any given time.
  • Access to the Pro - Roll20 forum - Pro subs have an exclusive subforum, where some upcoming features or changes are first posted about, and at times Roll20 have threads detailing their plans for the Quarter/time-of-the-year.