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Create a Character

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In Roll20, a new character/character sheet can only be created and edited inside a game, and can only be done by a gamemaster(GM).

How Roll20 handles character sheets, an analogy:

As a player, you arrive to your GM's table, and must wait for your GM to give you a paper character sheet before you can start filling it out, you can't use any from your backpack. It's possible you might need to remind the GM to hand you directly the character sheet, rather than just putting it behind they GM screen.
The GM must also decide which type of character sheet he want to use in his game, as that's the only type that will work by their table. So a Player can't bring a D&D 5E (Shaped)-sheet to a game table, where the GM is using D&D 5E by Roll20.


Creating the Character

Before creating an individual character, you need to be inside a game.

For the right character sheet template to show on the characters, the template must be chosen for the game by the creator.

You can choose to not use one, but it's usually more practical to have one.


Example on how a GM goes to the N Journal-tab, creates a new character sheet, make that character's name & bio visible to everyone, and gives the control & edit power to "Bob". Add-Character-Sheet-ex1.gif

Token & Avatar

Even after assigning a sheet to a player, only the GM can change:

  • the character's Default Token. Link Token shows how this is done.
  • The Avatar is what's shown alongside the Bio section of a sheet, for those who can only "view" the sheet, and it also determine the icon the character have on the N Journal-page.


Apart from asking the GM to make a sheet for them, the player might be able to import a sheet they made elsewehre, or get assigned one by an API, depending on how the game's creator has set up the game and their Subscription-level.

If the player fills out a sheet by themselves in their own game, they need to check it uses the same template as the GM has int their game, i.e a D&D 5E (Shaped)-sheet won't work in a game where the GM is using the D&D 5E by Roll20 template.

Import Character

Option to allow importing sheets, on the Game Settings-page.

If you have created a character in another game(that you have created yourself, or are GM in), it might be possible to import your character to the game you are going to play in using the Character Vault.

To be able to import your character into a game made by someone else, the game creator must have enabled the Allow players to import their own Characters?-option on the Game Settings page, and the game must have All Access Vault.


There are a couple of API that can enable players to create their own character, or to have one automatically made for them when they join the

WelcomePackage is one of them.

  • Claim Character Sheet(Forum) - a short API that can enable players to claim a sheet they imported by using the command and writing the name of their character.
For APIs to work, the game's creator must be a
info user.

There are also APIs for making default token selection quicker.

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