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Moving Offline Game to Roll20

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This is a page for collecting Tips & Tricks for how to make an transition from playing in-person around a table with maps, pen & paper, to going digital with playing over the internet with Roll20.


  • Start simple. Don't try to learn/ use all features at once.
    • It can be a good idea as GM to learn one feature at a time, and then introduce that to the players. (E.g. First session use only roll20 maps/token and voice/video, second session have player sheets on Roll20(), third session have some handouts on roll20, explored other feature)
    • You don't have to use all tools just because they exist. Sometimes you can skip maps and just do "theater of the mind", skip music(u Jukebox), just type /roll d20+4 in the q Text Chat, instead of getting exactly the NPC sheets attack button & settings right
  • Don't try to convert all material to Roll20 right away. You can start with just having the maps on Roll20, while relying on physical dice and paper character sheets. Then take portion at a
    • Have the players fill out their own roll20 character sheets and handouts, less work for you, and they get more familiar with things.
  • Remember that you can fall back on using more simple methods. If you or players get stuck with doing something during a session, instead do just a physical dice roll, share an external image/link, or do "theater of the mind".
    • If you Have Plus/Pro, you can use DL on some maps, while other be just plain or use the simpler choices like FoW or reveal sections at a time with Udl-hide-icon.jpg Darkness Tool
  • When you're comfortable with core features, look into automation options for you and the players. Things like specialized macros to do rolls that are needed often, sdd things to your Macro Quickbar, Shortcuts, look into using API Scripts etc.
  • Consider to allow for some out-of-game chat at the beginning, during and at the end of your online sessions to make everyone feel comfortable and get involved like in a face-to-face game.

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