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Keyboard Shortcuts

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Attention: Roll20 is no longer maintaining this document on the community wiki. For the most up-to-date information please visit this page on our help center for assistance: Here.



  • Ctrl/Cmd+M: Switch to @ Map/Background layer
  • Ctrl/Cmd+O: Switch to b Object/Token layer
  • Ctrl/Cmd+K: Switch to E GM Info layer
  • Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+M: Move selected object to @ Map/Background layer
  • Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+O: Move selected object to b Object/Token layer
  • Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+K: Move selected object to E GM Info layer


  • Ctrl/Cmd+S: w Select and Pan Tool
  • Ctrl/Cmd+F: i FreehandDrawing Tool
  • Ctrl/Cmd+G: q Text tool
  • Ctrl/Cmd+U: Add selected object(s) to turn tracker
  • Ctrl/Cmd+A: Select everything on current layer
  • Ctrl/Cmd+C: Copy selected object(s)
  • Ctrl/Cmd+V: Paste copied object(s)
  • Ctrl/Cmd+Z: Undo previous action
  • Backspace or Delete: Delete selected object(s)


  • Q or secondary click while measuring will add a waypoint to your measurement line.
  • Shift while measuring will keep the measurement line visible until you dismiss with secondary click or by making a new measurement
  • X will recall your last measurement line after it has been dismissed

Drawing Tools

  • Shift+Draw: Draw snapped to grid (straight lines, polygon tool points on edges, squares, etc.)

Moving, Rotation and Resizing

  • Alt+Mouse Wheel: Zoom
  • Alt+Resize: Ignore grid snapping
  • Alt+Move: Ignore grid snapping
  • ←, →, ↑ or ↓: Moves a selected token one grid unit in the specified direction
  • Alt+(←, →, ↑ or ↓): Moves a selected token three pixel in the specified direction
  • E+Mouse Wheel: Rotates a selected token by 45-degree or 30-degree increments, depending on your grid type
  • Alt+E+Mouse Wheel: Rotates a selected token by 1 degree at a time
  • Right Mouse Button+Drag: Pan


  • Pressing "Ctrl/Cmd+L":
    • as Player: lets you see the character's "Line of Sight" as player, if you have two or more characters at your possession.
    • As GM: shows the selected token's "line of sight" it would have when Dynamic Lighting is enabled on the current page. Doesn't display player's view exactly! Use either a Dummy Account, or re-join the game as player, to make sure how it looks on the player's side.
  • Pressing "Z" with an object selected shows a larger version of that object in a model popup
  • Holding Shift and Double Clicking a token will open the Character Sheet (if there is one) that the token represents.
  • Holding down Alt while performing a multi-select (dragging a box around objects) will select ONLY objects classified as drawings.

GM Only

  • Pressing Shift+Z shows all players the larger version of that object. Note that only players and DMs that are on the same page as the selected token will see the model pop-up.
  • While holding down Shift, hold down your Left Mouse Button upon a point on the tabletop. This will center everyone's field of vision about that point. This is known as "shift-pinging". This cannot be done Dynamic Lighting or GM layers, only in Map and Object layers.
  • Pressing "Ctrl + T" makes you "Rejoin as Player"