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Select Attributes for Sheet Roll

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Main Article: Building Character Sheets

This is an example for selecting attributes to be included in a Sheet Roll.

The key components are:

  • Update display of toggle buttons based on the associated flag, using Styling Checkboxes and Radios
  • Attribute name, button name, flag attribute name, and translation key all share the same base value.
  • Displaying the selected attributes (based on translation key)
  • Selected attribute list and dice pool value are stored in hidden input fields.
  • Roll button references the dice pool attribute with Auto-Calculating Values


<h1>Sheet Roller</h1>
<div class="roller">
  <textarea name="attr_dice_pool_display" tabindex="-1"></textarea>
    <input type="text" name="attr_dice_pool" tab-index="-1"></input>
    <button type="roll" value="/roll @{dice_pool}d10"></button>

<div class="attributes">
    <input type="hidden" class="flag" name="attr_intelligence_flag">
    <button type="action" class="toggle" name="act_intelligence" data-i18n="intelligence">Intelligence</button>
    <input type="number" name="attr_intelligence" value="1">
    <input type="hidden" class="flag" name="attr_wits_flag">
    <button type="action" class="toggle" name="act_wits" data-i18n="wits">Wits</button>
    <input type="number" name="attr_wits" value="1">
    <input type="hidden" class="flag" name="attr_resolve_flag">
    <button type="action" class="toggle" name="act_resolve" data-i18n="resolve">Resolve</button>
    <input type="number" name="attr_resolve" value="1">

<input type="hidden" name="attr_dice_pool_attributes">
<input type="hidden" name="attr_dice_pool" value="0">

Sheet Worker

const attributes = ["intelligence", "wits", "resolve"];

attributes.forEach((attribute) => {
  on(`clicked:${attribute}`, () => {

const attributeChangeEvents = => `change:${attribute}`);
on(attributeChangeEvents.join(" "), () => {

const updateSheetRoll = function(attribute) {
  getAttrs(["dice_pool_attributes", ...attributes], (values) => {
    let poolAttributes = values["dice_pool_attributes"]
      .filter((poolAttribute) => poolAttribute);

    if (poolAttributes.includes(attribute)) {
      // remove attribute from pool
      poolAttributes = poolAttributes
        .filter((poolAttribute) => poolAttribute !== attribute);
    else {
      // add attribute to back of pool
      poolAttributes = poolAttributes.concat(attribute);
      // Truncate pool attributes to 2,
      // removing the oldest selected attributes
      poolAttributes = poolAttributes
        .slice(0, 2)

    const pool = getSheetRollPool(poolAttributes, values);

    // Create display list of attributes
    const poolDisplay = poolAttributes
      .map((poolAttribute) => getTranslationByKey(poolAttribute))
      .join(" +\n");

    // Determine flag values
    const flags = attributes
      .map((flagAttribute) => ({
        flag: `${flagAttribute}_flag`,
        value: poolAttributes.includes(flagAttribute) ? 1 : 0
      .reduce((all, next) => ({ ...all, [next.flag]: next.value }), {});

      "dice_pool_attributes": poolAttributes.join(","),
      "dice_pool": pool,
      "dice_pool_display": poolDisplay,

const updateSheetRollPool = function() {
  getAttrs(["dice_pool_attributes", ...attributes], (values) => {
    const poolAttributes = values["dice_pool_attributes"]
      .filter((poolAttribute) => poolAttribute);

    const pool = getSheetRollPool(poolAttributes, values);

      "dice_pool": pool

const getSheetRollPool = function(poolAttributes, values) {
  // Add up attribute values for dice pool
  const sum = poolAttributes
    .map((poolAttribute) => Number(values[poolAttribute]))
    .reduce((sum, value) => sum + value, 0);

  // Pool is always at least 1 die
  return Math.max(sum, 1);


/* Indicate that the toggle is active */
input.sheet-flag[value="1"] ~ button.sheet-toggle {
  border-color: blue;
  font-weight: bold;