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Toolbar and Layers Redesign

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Updated Toolbar and Layers Preview, May 25th,2023
The Toolbar and Layers-design is being reworked, and as of July 22nd 2023, is opt in for
info-users, and will later be rolled out for everyone.



The main goals for the redesign, as stated in the blog:

1. Less Menus, More Suggestions. To provide not only guidance and learnability through suggestions and auto-correction of mistakes, but providing users only what they need based on their intention at any given time.
2. Simplification. The current VTT contains a lot of repetitive actions. Enable the user to do the same thing in fewer steps.
3. Automation. The current VTT is very manual in nature. We wanted to streamline things like assigning tokens, having settings carry over from action to action, and much more.
4. Player view vs GM View. Currently, the player side of the VTT looks almost identical to the GM side. We want GMs to have a guided way to build their games through menus unique to their role, while players should have an area focused on how they play the game.


Some of the tools have been renamed and changed how they are grouped & ordered.

There is then a gap and Layers is at the bottom, so it's always in the bottom-left corner of the screen.


Layers are now at the bottom of the Toolbar, and their order is now:

  • Tokens
  • GM
  • Light
  • Map

Not clear how the planned Foreground Map Layer will be integrated.