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Character Sheet Development/Dark Mode

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Main Page: Building Character Sheets

How to implement Dark Mode in character sheets.



  • Roll Templates have some issues in dark mode - (Feb 2022)

Theme Switch

When a user switches to Dark Mode, the virtual tabletop adds the specific CSS class .sheet-darkmode to the <body> element. When flipping the switch back to light, that class is removed.

Theme Change

By adding color choices to the end of your sheets your sheet’s CSS, wrapped in a body.sheet-darkmode { } users will see the change when they flip the switch.

Roll Template

Main Page: BCS/Roll Templates

Including .sheet-rolltemplate-darkmode at the start of your selector will target roll templates only when dark mode is enabled.

Updating Existing Sheet

Patching unsupported sheet
If you have a older sheet that's black & white and turn on dark mode, the background might turn dark and make some text unreadable. Adding the following to the sheet should fix it, in most cases:


A Legacy Sheet will not support dark mode and must be updated to CSE before this will work.

Adding darkmode support
This is what the Aborea sheet added to the CSS, to add dark mode:

body.sheet-darkmode button,
body.sheet-darkmode input,
body.sheet-darkmode optgroup,
body.sheet-darkmode select,
body.sheet-darkmode textarea,
body.sheet-darkmode .charsheet {
	color: #eee
body.sheet-darkmode .btn,
body.sheet-darkmode .btn.btn-default {
	color: #c8c3bc;
	text-shadow: rgba(24,26,27,.75) 0px 1px 1px;
	background-color: #1e2021;
	background-image: linear-gradient(#181a1b, #26292b);
	border-color: #3e4446 #3e4446 #43494c;
	box-shadow: rgba(24,26,27,.2) 0px 1px 0px inset,rgba(0,0,0,.05) 0px 1px 2px

It essentially only changed the default dark text color to a light color, and let the dark mode's default (dark) background make the sheet dark, while on the roll template it specified background-color and other things.

Overriding Dark Mode in Roll Templates
With how it's currently setup (3/8/2022), you should just need 3 classes (or equivalent) to override the dark mode styling. e.g. this:

<rolltemplate class="sheet-rolltemplate-template">
  <div class="template-wrapper">
    <!-- Template content here -->

.sheet-rolltemplate-template .sheet-template-wrapper .inlinerollresult{
  /*Your styling here*/

Sheet Examples

Darkmode support

Sheets that updated to support the new dark mode

Easy darkmode support using SCSS

Darkmode can be added fairly easily using this guide:


 @mixin theme-mode {
   body.sheet-darkmode & {
 .your-selector {
   color: #bbb;
   @include theme-mode {
     color: #666;

Patch only

Sheets that made minor patches to keep the sheet readable in dark mode, without adding a dark mode.

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