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Character Sheet Development/Tutorials

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Main Page: Building Character Sheets

Tutorials to Roll20's Character Sheet Development-framework, & tips to get started. See also the Sheet Examples & Sheet Templates.



In 2022, GiGs started writing a Roll20 Sheet Author Guide at, breaking it down by topic. Articles are simple & approachable.

Below are listed a few highlights:

A Sheet Author's Journey

A series of forum posts by Scott C., going through the steps from start to finish with creating a new character sheet template, as he creates a sheet for The Hero’s Journey, 2nd edition. The guide is fairly advanced.

K-Scaffold, a PUG framework created by him, is used though the guide to create the sheet. K-scaffold Intro




See Character Sheet Translation for how internationalization of sheets work.


To truly test sheets, one needs to do so inside Roll20 using either available tool, and any try at offline/local testing will lack connection to Roll20's backend & the default CSS libraries/styling Roll20 has for character sheet elements.

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