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This is a general guide for variety of browser-related info, in context of using Roll20. People can submit their own browser-specific tips & tricks.



If you encounter a problem using other browsers, it's recommended to switch to either of these. Roll20 often works well on other browsers, but your mileage may vary.

There is no consensus on which browser(between Chrome and Firefox) is the one that objectively works best for Roll20. It seems to vary based on things like what operating system you use(Windows/Mac/Linux), your hardware(physical computer), your ISP, what browser plugins you use, and even what version of the browser you have. Personal preferences & habits also factor in whether it's worth installing a second browser for Roll20 or switching browser competently for that reason alone.

If you use one browser for your normal everyday use(for example, Safari), but use another browser(for example, Firefox) only for Roll20, you can optimize browser settings, plugins, homepage, and bookmark toolbar around Roll20, and don't need to have other things on firefox that isn't relevant for Roll20.

Officially Supported

Roll20 officially only supports the Firefox & Google Chrome browsers, so it's generally recommended to use them over other browsers, even of others works as well.

Some have claimed Chrome is faster, others swear by Firefox. It can be a good idea to try out the other (Firefox/Chrome) in case things are more smooth with it.

Google Chrome

Chrome is the most popular browserin 2021, so makes sense as a choice. It's based on the open-source Chromium-project, and therefore is more similar to the other chromium-based browsers like Edge, Opera & Brave.

See Optimizing_Roll20_Performance#Chrome for some older tips(might be outdated).


If it feels that Firefox is slow with Roll20, it's a good idea to turn off "form autofill" from the browser settings. as in some cases Roll20 thinks the character sheets are forms for inputting personal data(such as name/email/post address), so it preloads/makes available what you have saved on your browser.


While other browsers aren't officially supported, most work fine, most of the time. Many people stick to their favorite browser and don't want to install Chrome/Firefox just for Roll20. Here are some tips in case you keep using these browsers.

It's unlikely for Roll20 to address any browser-based issues for other than Chrome/Firefox, so it's just just luck if fixes made by Roll20 to Chrome/Firefox happens to fix issues on other browsers.


Even though Microsoft Edge is also a Chromium-based browser like Google Chrome, it's still possible there are differences in how they behave.

If you have some Roll20 issue on Edge, switching to Chrome might solve the issue if it's a Roll20 bug specifically, and doesn't affect all chromium browsers. If Chrome


The Safari browser is based on the WebKit engine, and therefore is the least similar to the other two types of major browsers, chromium-based(Chrome,Edge,Opera) and Firefox.

Given that it isn't officially supported by Roll20, Safari is likely the least optimal browser choice for Roll20.


Chromium is an open-source browser that is the foundation of most popular browsers these days(Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Brave.

While they all shares a lot with Google Chrome, they aren't quite the same, so using Chrome is likely to work best, and have any bugs fixed quicker, if at all.

Sometimes, if Roll20 fixes something for Chrome, that might fix the issue for the other Chromium-based browsers.


Main Page: Category:Web Browser Extensions

There are some Browser Plugins(Extensions) that synergize well with Roll20, or enhances it directly.

Remember: When you encounter problems with Roll20, make sure to turn off all browser plugins temporally to see if they are the cause of your problems before Contact Roll20.


Main Page: Stylus

Stylus is a browser plugin that can change how webpages look, and many roll20 users have created their own tricks and minor adjustments to Roll20 for personal use. Things like changing how certain tools look in Roll20, making a Dark Mode, adjusting looks on character sheets, or how things look in the q Text Chat.

Note: there is a similarly named extension "Stylish", but it's stealing your browser history "Stylish" is back, and you still shouldn't use it

Dark Mode options:


Main Page: Beyond20

Beyond20 is a popular plugin for people playing D&D 5E who also use DnDbeyond.

Among things, it enables you to make dice rolls in Roll20, from your DnDBeyond char sheets.

When you encounter problems with Roll20, you should always check if it's caused by some browser plugin you're using, by temporally disabling all plugins and seeing if the problem persists.

Roll20 Autouploader‎‎

Main Page: Roll20 Autouploader

Autouploader in action

Roll20 API and Sheet Autouploader is a Chromium extension that will automate the uploading of code to your Sheet Sandbox, created by Scott C..

This streamlines Character Sheet Development, removing the need to manually upload the files when you want to test changes. The extension will eventually work with API Development as well.

It should work on all chromium browsers except for Brave, which has disabled the chromium features that the extension relies on.



  • Touch20 - improved Touchscreen support for Roll20
  • Roll20 Role Selection - allows a GM to join a Roll20 game as a Player directly, instead of automatically joining as a GM
  • DnD Spell Finder - This extension allows you to create a separate window with a spell search bar for all DnD5e spells.
  • Roll20: Click & Roll - This extension provides Roll20 Players with a simple push-a-button system to roll the proper dice for their character!
    • You have easy access to roll for ability checks, ability saves, skill checks, attack rolls, damage rolls, spells, and other custom rolls.
    • You can also import a DNDBeyond character with a single click.



Roll20 can be used on mobile phones and tables, but generally doesn't work as well as on computers. Some (or many?) users say you can't use the Roll20 video-voice chat on a phone/mobile browser.

A separate Mobile app is under work for Roll20, to act as a companion to using Roll20 on the computer.

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