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Macro Tutorials by GenKitty

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Work In Progress

Welcome to my Roll20 Macro Tutorial Series. The tutorials are arranged in roughly increasing order of difficulty, but by the end of the various series you should be able to confidently create, edit, and use macros as both a player and GM.

The macros in this collection are phrased in the language of D20 games (Pathfinder, 4e, 5e, and 13th Age) because that is what I play, but the basics of creating macros are system agnostic.

Additionally, with a few exceptions, this series does not refer to the use of 'character sheets'; there are too many character sheets for me to cover how to interact with each and every one of them so my macros use user-created attributes (Don't worry, this section will make more sense later!)

Player Tutorials

P101 Raw Basics, creation
P102 Raw Basics, crafting

GM Tutorials

Powercard Tutorials

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