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List of common words and abbreviations frequently used with Roll20, that may not be common elsewhere.



Character Sheet Development

Main Page: Building Character Sheets

  • CSE - Character Sheet Enhancement
    • the new sheet creation framework/method released March 2021, with new features and less restrictions than LCS.
    • By default, The Sheet Editor and Sheet Sandbox assumes sheets added are CSE.
  • LCS - Legacy Character Sheets(Legacy Sheet Sanitization)
    • refers to the older and more restricted framework/method used for creating custom character sheets.
  • CRP - Custom Roll Parsing
    • new method(Summer 2021) for handling sheet dice rolls and how the result is parsed and displayed for the player
  • Sheetworker - Sheetworker are the javascript code and special functions that can be used for making more advanced sheet features. Not all JS--features are available.


Main Page: API

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