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5E Macros

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main page D&D 5E

This is a collections of macros for D&D 5E, most of which are meant to be used with the D&D5E by Roll20 character sheet.

See Macro Guide for documentation regarding how to build macros.

5e "Must Have" Macros, APIs, addons, etc. - great thread with many tips


Without Sheet

Magic Missiles

/em hits their targets with [[?{Level cast at|1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9}+2]] magic missiles. Each missile does [[1d4+1]] force damage.

As above, but also displaying the damage individual dice did.

/em hits their targets with [[?{Level cast at|1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9}+2]] magic missiles. Total damage is: [[[[1d4+1]]*?{Level cast at}]] Each missile does $[[0]] force damage.

D&D5E by Roll20

Macros that work with the main D&D5E by Roll20 char sheet.


Initiative: (select token first)


Rolls stealth for selected npc token, using it's stealth proficiency. /w gm &{template:npcatk} {{attack=1}} {{name=Shadow}} {{rname=Shadow Stealth}} {{rnamec=Hide}} {{r1=[[@{selected|d20}+@{selected|npc_stealth} + 6]]}} {{always=1}} {{r2=[[@{selected|d20}+@{selected|npc_stealth} + 6]]}} {{description=While in dim light or darkness, the shadow can take the Hide action as a bonus action. Its stealth bonus is **also** improved to +6 }}

Animate Object - Swarm of tiny objects all attacks

Chat Menus

Chat Menus is a nice way to access sheet buttons without having to open it.

Chat_Menus#5E have a couple of examples, like a NPC Statblock, or a Chat_Menus#Spellblock.

NPC Statblock, Abilities & Spells

Source: Universal NPC Statblock Abilities and Spells Chat Menus for D&D 5e sheet — No API or Stylus required! by Jarren

There is a way to generate Universal NPC Skills & Spells chat menus, without using any Stylus extensions or API scripts. These are ready to use as is and will generate a chat menu with buttons, and only display abilities and spells that exist on the character sheet (up to 10 in each category), and won't display categories or spells levels that the character doesn't have. Caveat: to use these in a macro, you have to call them from a second macro because the &{noerror}} doesn't work from a single macro call directly.

The simple macros are great and easy to use, but will output all abilities or spells on a character sheet. The advanced macros take some work to set up (copying from here to a macro mule) but allow for more customization as well as creating more dynamic chat menus that can output individual categories.

See all macros on Universal NPC Statblock Abilities and Spells Chat Menus for D&D 5e sheet — No API or Stylus required!

5E Shaped

Macros for the 5E Shaped sheet.

DM asking someone to make a saving throw

/w @{selected|token_name} &{template:5e-shaped} {{character_name=@{selected|character_name}}} @{selected|show_character_name} {{title=Private DM-Called Save}}{{saving_throw_vs_ability=?{Saving Throw?|STRENGTH|DEXTERITY|CONSTITUTION|INTELLIGENCE|WISDOM|CHARISMA|DEATH}}} {{saving_throw_dc=?{DC?|10}}} {{content=The DM has called this save on your character.  For your convenience, select your character and click on the link above}}

List available attacks, spells, or statblock in chat


Drop-down menu for saves

@{selected|wtype}&{template:simple} @{selected|rtype}?{Ability|Acrobatics, +@{selected|acrobatics_bonus} ]]}} {{rname=Acrobatics}} {{mod=@{selected|acrobatics_bonus}}} {{r1=[[ @{selected|d20} + @{selected|acrobatics_bonus} ]]}} |Animal Handling, +@{selected|animal_handling_bonus} ]]}} {{rname=Animal Handling}} {{mod=@{selected|animal_handling_bonus}}} {{r1=[[ @{selected|d20} + @{selected|animal_handling_bonus} ]]}} |Arcana, +@{selected|arcana_bonus} ]]}} {{rname=Arcana}} {{mod=@{selected|arcana_bonus}}} {{r1=[[ @{selected|d20} + @{selected|arcana_bonus} ]]}} |Athletics, +@{selected|athletics_bonus} ]]}} {{rname=Athletics}} {{mod=@{selected|athletics_bonus}}} {{r1=[[ @{selected|d20} + @{selected|athletics_bonus} ]]}} |Deception, +@{selected|deception_bonus} ]]}} {{rname=Deception}} {{mod=@{selected|deception_bonus}}} {{r1=[[ @{selected|d20} + @{selected|deception_bonus} ]]}} |History, +@{selected|history_bonus} ]]}} {{rname=History}} {{mod=@{selected|history_bonus}}} {{r1=[[ @{selected|d20} + @{selected|history_bonus} ]]}} |Insight, +@{selected|insight_bonus} ]]}} {{rname=Insight}} {{mod=@{selected|insight_bonus}}} {{r1=[[ @{selected|d20} + @{selected|insight_bonus} ]]}} |Intimidation, +@{selected|intimidation_bonus} ]]}} {{rname=Intimidation}} {{mod=@{selected|intimidation_bonus}}} {{r1=[[ @{selected|d20} + @{selected|intimidation_bonus} ]]}} |Investigation, +@{selected|investigation_bonus} ]]}} {{rname=Investigation}} {{mod=@{selected|investigation_bonus}}} {{r1=[[ @{selected|d20} + @{selected|investigation_bonus} ]]}} |Medicine, +@{selected|medicine_bonus} ]]}} {{rname=Medicine}} {{mod=@{selected|medicine_bonus}}} {{r1=[[ @{selected|d20} + @{selected|medicine_bonus} ]]}} |Nature, +@{selected|nature_bonus} ]]}} {{rname=Nature}} {{mod=@{selected|nature_bonus}}} {{r1=[[ @{selected|d20} + @{selected|nature_bonus} ]]}} |Perception, +@{selected|perception_bonus} ]]}} {{rname=Perception}} {{mod=@{selected|perception_bonus}}} {{r1=[[ @{selected|d20} + @{selected|perception_bonus} ]]}} |Performance, +@{selected|performance_bonus} ]]}} {{rname=Performance}} {{mod=@{selected|performance_bonus}}} {{r1=[[ @{selected|d20} + @{selected|performance_bonus} ]]}} |Persuasion, +@{selected|persuasion_bonus} ]]}} {{rname=Persuasion}} {{mod=@{selected|persuasion_bonus}}} {{r1=[[ @{selected|d20} + @{selected|persuasion_bonus} ]]}} |Religion, +@{selected|religion_bonus} ]]}} {{rname=Religion}} {{mod=@{selected|religion_bonus}}} {{r1=[[ @{selected|d20} + @{selected|religion_bonus} ]]}} |Sleight of Hand, +@{selected|sleight_of_hand_bonus} ]]}} {{rname=Sleight of Hand}} {{mod=@{selected|sleight_of_hand_bonus}}} {{r1=[[ @{selected|d20} + @{selected|sleight_of_hand_bonus} ]]}} |Stealth, +@{selected|stealth_bonus} ]]}} {{rname=Stealth}} {{mod=@{selected|stealth_bonus}}} {{r1=[[ @{selected|d20} + @{selected|stealth_bonus} ]]}} |Survival, +@{selected|survival_bonus} ]]}} {{rname=Survival}} {{mod=@{selected|survival_bonus}}} {{r1=[[ @{selected|d20} + @{selected|survival_bonus} ]]}} |Strength, +@{selected|strength_mod}@{selected|jack_attr}[STR]]]}} {{rname=Strength}} {{mod=@{selected|strength_mod}@{selected|jack_bonus}}} {{r1=[[ @{selected|d20} + @{selected|strength_mod}@{selected|jack_attr}[STR]]]}} |Dexterity, +@{selected|dexterity_mod}@{selected|jack_attr}[DEX]]]}} {{rname=Dexterity}} {{mod=@{selected|dexterity_mod}@{selected|jack_bonus}}} {{r1=[[ @{selected|d20} + @{selected|dexterity_mod}@{selected|jack_attr}[DEX]]]}} |Constitution, +@{selected|constitution_mod}@{selected|jack_attr}[CON]]]}} {{rname=Constitution}} {{mod=@{selected|constitution_mod}@{selected|jack_bonus}}} {{r1=[[ @{selected|d20} + @{selected|constitution_mod}@{selected|jack_attr}[CON]]]}} |Intelligence, +@{selected|intelligence_mod}@{selected|jack_attr}[INT]]]}} {{rname=Intelligence}} {{mod=@{selected|intelligence_mod}@{selected|jack_bonus}}} {{r1=[[ @{selected|d20} + @{selected|intelligence_mod}@{selected|jack_attr}[INT]]]}} |Wisdom, +@{selected|wisdom_mod}@{selected|jack_attr}[WIS]]]}} {{rname=Wisdom}} {{mod=@{selected|wisdom_mod}@{selected|jack_bonus}}} {{r1=[[ @{selected|d20} + @{selected|wisdom_mod}@{selected|jack_attr}[WIS]]]}} |Charisma, +@{selected|charisma_mod}@{selected|jack_attr}[CHA]]]}} {{rname=Charisma}} {{mod=@{selected|charisma_mod}@{selected|jack_bonus}}} {{r1=[[ @{selected|d20} + @{selected|charisma_mod}@{selected|jack_attr}[CHA]]]}} } @{selected|global_skill_mod} @{selected|charname_output}


On the Script Index, there are many API made for 5E listed, and a number of them can be used to extend the normal macro language.

ChatSetAttr, TokenMod, PowerCards, GroupInitiative, GroupCheck and ScriptCards are some popular API that can quite easily be used with 5E, and helps for creating various macros or edits stats.

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