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Plus Subscription

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info is the middle subscription tier for Roll20, that gives you access to Roll20 features that aren't available to Free users. (This subscription tier used to be named "Supporter")
Buy Roll20 Subscription (note the "pay once a year" vs. the "pay every month"-options.)

Pro subscription is the next tier, with some exclusive features, while other features are upgraded from the Plus tier.

See the Subscription level Comparison & FAQ for a fairly comprehensive list of the subscription tiers, their perks, and Frequently Asked questions. See also the pages for
info and Free users.

info Features

info Features(which are upgraded from Free)
  • 3 GB storage (from 100mb for Free users)
  • Max Filesize 10mb - for images/audio/gifs you upload to your P Art Library (free users are limited to 5mb)
  • Compendium Sharing 3 games / 10 players
  • Looking For Group listings - Unlimited (free users can only have 2)
  • Shared Table Features - Your Plus features, such as Dynamic Lighting, can be seen by all players in games you've created. If you promote some to a GM, they can also access the Dynamic Lighting tools themselves.

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