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==This Wiki in Other Languages==
==This Wiki in Other Languages==
* [[Page d'accueil (Français)]] (French) »
* [[Page d'accueil (Français)]] (French) »
* [[メインページ(日本語)]] (Japanese) »
* [[:Category:Language-DE|Seiten auf Deutsch]] (German) »
* [[:Category:Language-DE|Seiten auf Deutsch]] (German) »
* [[:Category:Language-JP|日本語のページ]] (Japanese) »

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This is the Roll20 Community Wiki. For Official Roll20 Documentation, see the Help Center.

Roll20 Community Wiki

If you have some tips and tricks or other information to share, feel free to jump right in and contribute. Check out our Wiki Help page for more info.

Getting Started

The Interface

The four sections of the Interface

1.The Tabletop

2.The Tabletop Toolbox

3.The Page Toolbar

4.The Sidebar


Rolling Dice


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Beyond the Application

Your Games and Content

Finding A Group

Broadcasting your Games

Site Policy

This Wiki in Other Languages


Subscriber Features

Subscription Comparison & FAQ: A list of our subscription tiers, their perks, and Frequently asked questions.

Character Sheets

This section explains how character sheets work within Roll20 as well as provide guides for some of the available community sheets.

System/Character Sheet Guide

* Character Sheets designed and supported officially by Roll20
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Custom Sheet Creation