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Welcome to the Roll20 Community Wiki! This Wiki is the central repository of information about Roll20, including the Roll20 Documentation, community-provided tips and tricks, guides for using Roll20 with your favorite tabletop game, and more!

As with everything Roll20-related, we rely on the community to help us create and maintain this information. So if you have some tips and tricks or other information to share, feel free to jump right in and contribute. Check out our Wiki Help page for more info.


The Roll20 Virtual Tabletop

Getting Started

The User Interface

Roll20 Interface.jpg
The Roll20 Interface is broken down into four sections:

1. The Tabletop: This is the largest portion of the playspace. This is where you set up your battle maps or board game play mats and where you'd place your tokens or meeples. You can also use it as a dry erase board.

2. The Tabletop Toolbar: This toolbar on the left side of the Tabletop lists the various tools used for moving art assets, drawing, writing, measurement, rolling, and other that affect or interact with the Tabletop in some fashion.

3. The Page Toolbar: When you click on the little tab on the top of the screen, this pulls down the Page Toolbar. This is where you can store multiple scenes (Pages) for the Tabletop and bounce players between them.

4. The Sidebar: Lastly is the Sidebar on the right side of the screen. This has multiple tabs that manage the in-game chat, music/audio, character sheets and handouts, and Roll20's settings.

The Tabletop

The Page Toolbar

The Tabletop Toolbox

The Sidebar


Rolling Dice


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System Guides

See all System Specific Guides »

Beyond the Application

Your Games and Content

Finding A Group

Broadcasting your Games

Site Policy

Subscriber Features

Roll20 Plus & Pro Subscription FAQ

Custom Sheet Creation

Roll20 API Content

A Pro Subscriber benefit, the Roll20 API allows users to write their own scripts which alters many of the default processes of Roll20.

Cookbook (Examples)

Community Scripts

See all API Pages »

Character Sheets

This section explains how character sheets work within Roll20 as well as provide guides for some of the available community sheets.

Character Sheet Documentation

13th Age

Dungeons & Dragons

Kobolds Ate My Baby

World of Darkness



Savage Worlds

Star Wars

* Character Sheets designed and supported officially by Roll20

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Marketplace Content

Guides for Content Creators


Wizards of the Coast

Monte Cook Games

  • The Strange: Rulebook & The Curious Case of Tom Mallard
  • The Strange: Dark Spiral

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