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API:System Specific

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Main Page: API:Script Index

Scripts that deal with specific rules of a game system should be listed in a sub-heading here. If the appropriate game system is not listed, feel free to create the appropriate heading. Scripts under each system below may be designed for any use (in other words, had they been system-agnostic, they might fit under any of the sub-headings in the sections above).

It's A Trap! have several game-specific versions.


D&D 5E

Many Mods( beyond the ones listed here) are made with Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition in mind, or have specific commands tailored to work with the popular D&D 5E by Roll20-character sheet. In the one-click menu, most Mods made for 5E should have a name starting with D&D 5E. 5E is the system that have most system-specific Mods by a large margin. Several generic Mods have configuration settings tailored for the 5E sheets, such as GroupInitiative and GroupCheck.

  • Rest & Resource Management
    • 5E Rest in Style -- This script for the "D&D 5E by Roll20" character sheet, solves the error prone task of updating your sheet when resting.
      • Using !long-rest and !short-rest commands will update your sheet, and report to you everything it is doing.
    • Rest and Recovery(Forum) -- Short & Long Rest automation, by Keith
    • ShortRest -- Automating recovery of various resource during Short Rest
    • CashMaster -- for managing you currencies
  • Spells & Special Abilities
    • SpellMaster -- a high-performance total-replacement for the Spells page of the D&D 5E by Roll20-sheet, with several additional key features that go beyond the default spells page.
    • WildShape(Forum) -- Managing Druid Wildshape, changing token image, setting HP and temporary stats, etc.
    • Hunter's Mark
    • 5E Paladin Aura(Forum) -- Managing the proximity bonuses given by Paladins by notifying users in chat when a bonus should be applied.
    • Concentration -- Concentration keeps track of characters concentration, and reminds to do a concentration check.

13th Age

  • 13th Age Official Character Sheet Companion -- Enhances the Official 13th Age Character Sheet with quick Escalation Die tracking, automatic recovery tracking, token setup, and automatic staggered and down icons.


  • RPGMaster - set of APIs made for AD&D 2E sheet
    • RPGMaster Suite -- The RPGMaster Suite loader. Load this Mod to load the whole RPGMaster suite of Mods.
    • CommandMaster -- Manages the initialisation of a Campaign to use the RPGMaster APIs, communication and command syntax updates between the APIs and, most importantly for the DM, easy menu-driven setup of Tokens and Character Sheets to work with the APIs.
    • RoundMaster -- provides functions to manage tokens and entries in the Turn Order Tracker, and add statuses and effects to tokens, along with additional features such as Area of Effect display and Effect Macros that can be run when statuses are added, on or removed from a token.
    • InitiativeMaster -- supports initiative for RPGs using the Turn Order and the Tracker window.
    • AttackMaster -- provides functions to manage weapons, armour & shields, including taking weapons in hand and using them to attack.
    • MagicMaster -- provides functions to manage all types of magic, including Wizard & Priest spell use and effects; Character, NPC & Monster Powers; and discovery, looting, use and cursing of Magic Items.
    • RPGMaster Library -- The RPG version and Character Sheet version specific data & ruleset library for other RPGMaster APIs, which also provides some useful Roll Templates and API-callable library functions for character sheet table management, database management and other useful stuff. In future, multiple versions of this library may exist for multiple RPGs, but for now it is just AD&D2e.

Ars Magica

Chronique Oubliées

  • COFantasy -- Combats, Skills and Spells support

Cypher System

  • Cypher System Sheet -- Enables the applying of stat cost, recovery roll advance, auto calculation of PC state and damage track in the Cypher System Sheet, from the roll template or sheet buttons, for both the "English" and "French" versions.
  • Cypher Systems by Roll20 Companion -- Enables the applying to characters of Stats costs and Recovery rolls advancement from the chat roll template, as well as applying Damage to NPCs.

D6 System

The "D6 System" includes a number of games from West End Games which utilize the same (or very similar) game mechanics. Scripts which are more specific to a single game than the system as a whole should be categorized there.

  • Wild Dice -- Implements the Wild Dice rolling mechanic, used in "Star Wars D6", "D6 Adventure", "D6 Fantasy", and "D6 Space"


  • Earthdawn (FASA Official) -- A companion to the Earthdawn (FASA Official) and 1879 (FASA Official) character sheets, this provides many features such as automatically creating token actions and helping with accounting, calculating Target Numbers and checking for number of successes, Etc.



  • Fate Dots -- Provides numbered multi dots for Fate stress boxes.

HERO Systems

This includes Champions, Star HERO, Fantasy HERO, Traveller HERO, etc.



Pathfinder 2nd Edition

Savage Worlds

  • Script:Savage Worlds - Raise Count -- Counts raises on a roll against a given target number
  • Savage Worlds Raise Roller -- Rolls for extra or wildcard and then shows a list of target numbers that are success or success with raises.
  • TokenMod: Changes token properties This enables macros to modify tokens, and even apply Wounds or change rotation.
  • Savage Worlds Status Changer: Want to remove the Stunned state and apply the Distracted and Vulnerable states with one command? Want to do that for 5 tokens with one command? This enables macros to set token status indicators like shaken, vulnerable, and prone. These can be set manually by clicking on the token, clicking the indicator button, scrolling the menu, and clicking on the status indicator, but with macro control you could set them by name or set them for several Extras at the same time.
  • DealInit(Forum) Want to quickly handle initiative for players with Quick or Level Headed? Roll20 API Script to Deal Initiative for Savage Worlds Games. DealInit supports Savage Worlds style card based inititive by dealing cards to the Turn Order and sorting the order by suit. It does not, however, utilize the Roll20 deck system. Instead it manages an internal array of cards that are reshuffled when the deck runs out or a joker is drawn. It also checks character attributes for any SW Inititative Edges and handles them appropriately.

APIs Not in the Install menu:

  • Bennies: to ease dealing Savage Worlds Bennies to players. You can also use it to grant Conviction, count Mass Battle tokens, or keep track of Social Conflict Influence.
  • Import Stat Block -- NOT WORKING, APRIL 2020 This saves a lot time creating Character Sheets for NPCs and creatures from the bestiary. All you have to do is copy a stat block from a PDF or other source into the GM Notes section of a token, then type "!SW-Import" into the q Chat tab and it will create the Character sheet for you.



  • Shadowrun 5th Edition -- API helper for the "Shadowrun 5th Edition"-sheet by Cassie
  • SR-RollExtender -- Deals with Shadowrun specific rules like glitches and extended rolls. For the "Shadowrun: 5th Edition (Advanced)" sheet.
  • SR-NextPass -- GM aid to handle moving on to the next initiative pass

Star Wars

Scripts for the various Star Wars systems.


Trail of Cthulhu

  • GUMSHOE -- A point-spending script for GUMSHOE games. Integrates with supporting character sheets.

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay


  • WFRP 2E Actions (Havoc) -- Functions and Roll Templates in support of the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2E Sheet by Paul "Havoc" Stein


  • WFRP4e -- Oops!, Critical Hit Location, and Critical Hit result support for Warhammer Fantasy 4th Edition.